Librarian In Training
Hello everyone, the name is Victoria. I am currently trying to get myself a proper education in teaching and then librarianship while wishfully thinking of traveling all around the world and burying my nose in books. I love to chat and if you want to say hello, feel free to leave me something in the ask box or get ahold of me on my kik nightowltori. c:

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Cambridge University
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What’s your #FridayReads?

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
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Chronically ill people are the most hardcore people I’ve ever known
Like we spend all day everyday in pain but we still get up and do things while your healthy ungrateful self says you can’t go outside because you have the sniffles


In Caras-Severin County in the western part of Romania, the moss and stone have turned the amazing Bigar Waterfall into an otherworldly liquid veil so lovely it is even called “the miracle from the Minis Canyon” by the locals.

Learn more at Atlas Obscura
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My hair is obnoxiously red today for some reason.


“Jelly Love”
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So my dog likes to hug. Lol

"I have a heart that loves too fast, forgives too easily, holds on for a long time and gets hurt pretty damn easily"

- (via anilemc)

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